Gain residual income for your ECO and became a part of the global game changer - Rewards4Earth

Becoming a Beneficiary is only open to selected ECOs – Environmental and/or Community Organisations. It is not available to businesses, companies or individuals. If you are not a ECO and want to benefit from the Erth ™ loyalty point marketing system, please look at our Erth ™ Ambassador program.
If your organisation aligns with the POLECER mandate and you would like us to consider your organisation for funding, please contact us.
ECOs already have almost every person (customer) in the world as a supporter. Now using the Erth ™ point system, they can monetize their loyalty and get their fair share of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on advertising and marketing every year. If you would like to become a Beneficiary of the Erth ™ point system and have your own customised App and loyalty point system working for you, please contact us.

How Supporters, Businesses and Erth ™ Ambassadors Can Help You:


Contact your members, and encourage them to select your ECO as their preferred “beneficiary” as part of all of their Erth ™ point rewards received.


Contact your members who have businesses, and encourage them to sign up for the PAY-per-SALE marketing advantage. These businesses are the ones who gift the Erth ™ point rewards to their customers/supporters. The supporters are the ones who nominate you as their beneficiary to share their rewards.


EOCs can also be Erth ™ Ambassadors. As an Ambassador, you can encourage supporters and businesses to support your ECO. Please visit our Erth ™ Ambassadors website for more details.