Two million people die every year from poor air quality,

part of this is from the way we produce electricity.

Our modern way of living requires more and more energy every day.

Billions of people in third world countries want everything that the modern world has, and that means electricity and lots of it.
The more people that have all of the modern conveniences, the more electricity that is needed and the more pollution that is caused.

Clean energy

Clean energy means electricity that is produced with little or no ecological impact on the environment during manufacture, generation processes and cleaning up after they have reached their end-of-life usage.

Clean energy must be differentiated from renewable energy sources, which does not necessarily imply the elimination of waste.

Although Solar and Wind are a good start, they also produce issues.

The raw materials in Solar must be mined, transported and manufactured, some of those elements are toxic heavy metals. The real problem comes at the end of the life cycle, what happens to the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of material and how is that going to be recycled and reused. If just released into the environment, all of those toxic metals could end up in the ocean or our drinking water, possibly killing more people and causing more damage to the environment than other forms of electricity production. Wind turbines also have similar issues with the mining, killing of birds and bats and their recycling at the end of their life. There is a very large difference between clean energy and renewable energy which may not be as clean as we think.

We will be investing in clean energy and new ways of producing electricity so that the environment benefits.