Coral reefs are dying, oceans are being polluted,

marine life is suffering and some species are bordering on extinction.

Seabirds, turtles, seals, sea lions, whales and fish eat the plastics that cannot be digested.

Consequently, the plastic builds up and enters into the food chain. And the future is not very encouraging. By 2050, the world’s oceans could contain more plastic than fish measured by weight and probably in volume.

The great Pacific Ocean plastic garbage patch is bigger than Texas and growing every day.

If we are to preserve oceans and its natural beauty, drastic measures have to be taken to combat this pollution and keep what we hold most dear.


The oceans are the largest ecosystem on earth. They generate half of the oxygen we breathe; they provide a large portion of the food we eat; they even help regulate our weather. If we destroy our oceans, we will also probably wipe out humankind, isn’t that enough to protect them and their marine life?