Look after your LOYAL customers, or ANOTHER BUSINESS will.

If 85% of a business's growth comes from LOYAL customers, its not much of a stretch to suggest 85% of a business’s profit comes from loyal customers also.

Now businesses can both attract new customers and keep all customers coming back again and again and only pay when the customer pays. It all happens automatically as the customers registered credit/debit card REACTS with the business’s registered payment terminal. Its only %3 (minimum) the customer pays as normal, no need to show a loyalty card or App.

Will your competitors pay 3% to steal your customers! NO – they will pay much, much more than 3%. Australian business currently spend $234 Million per week ($12.2 Billion pa) to steal customers, that’s $8,81 per week for every person in Australia. All that money is sent overseas to tech giants. Erth Points keeps the money in Australia.

Risk free – PAY-per-SALE marketing only 3% of sale price.

After Joining fee​

Step 1 –

Join your customers in Erth Points and send them weekly special offers (free). (Example – Free Entrée with Every Main Meal on Wednesdays), if 85% of your profit comes from loyal customers, you better look after them or another business will. Plus, you can advertise your special offers via the App free so all Erth Point customers can find your business.

Step 2 –

Get other businesses to join and have those other businesses send out your Special offers, and you send theirs. Have the hairdresser sent out special offers for your restaurant as a bonus for being a customer of the hairdresser. You can send out 10% off at the hairdressers to your restaurant customers as a thank you.

Step 3 –

Have Environmental & Community organisations (Sports clubs, churches, charities) send special offers for your business, so they share in the PAY-per-SALE marketing revenue via the Erth Point system. It may not sound much, but if your restaurant got an extra 20 customers a week from the local netball of soccer club then you as a business owner are very happy. If the netball club has 50 parents that each earn the club $2 a week from the local businesses via Erth Points, that’s $100 per week or $5,200 per year, that’s a lot of sausage sizzles the club did not have to do.

Ask yourself,

  • Would a parent go out of their way to support their kids’ sports team?​
  • Would a highly religious person go out of their way to support their Church? ​
  • Would an environmentalist go out of their way to support the environment?


With all BIZ packages - advertise your special offers FREE and send your VIP customers your special offers FREE.

Businesses only​


Part of every sale goes to your customer, the customers nominated ECO and the Environment so help satisfy your ESG Obligations via Erth Points.

The Erth Point system helps businesses satisfy their ESG obligations, about to become operational in 2025 in Australia, by enabling part of every sale go to the Rewards4Earth Foundation (Environment) and the customers nominated community organisation (The S, Social from ESG). The Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd, as the Primary Beneficiary of the Erth Point system offers businesses the opportunity to not only keep their own customers coming back again and again, but to attract customers from non-competing businesses as well as from local community organisations and environmentally concerned consumers and only PAY-per-SALE to help satisfy ESG obligations and show your business CARES about what your customer CARES about.