Encourage ALL CUSTOMERS to Come back Again & Again

Only PAY-per-SALE


According to KPMG 85% of Growth comes from LOYAL Customers

Your $350 Setup fee gets you $1,350 worth of VALUE

$100 worth of Erth Points for $3,333 worth of cash and direct deposit sales
$100 worth of sales collateral with QR codes for your customers to download the FREE customer APP
$100 credit for REACTS marketing to gift points automatically with $3,333 worth of Debit/Credit card sales
$1,000 holiday accommodation voucher for Bali, Phuket or Africa that you can keep or gift to customers, staff or family.
Ability to send WEEKLY SPECIAL OFFERS via the Apps FREE of CHARGE, you only pay us (3%) when the customer pays You

As the Environmental Beneficiary of the Erth Point System, the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd invites all businesses to turn their Marketing and Advertising into IMPACT MARKETING.

ATTRACT CUSTOMERS by supporting what is important to those customers, the Environmental and the Community Organisations, showing your business cares for what YOUR customers care about.

Businesses can attract NEW CUSTOMERS from:

Local non-competing businesses

Environmental Supporters

Community Organisation (ECO-Club-Church-Charity) Supporters

Businesses can get ALL CUSTOMERS coming back AGAIN & AGAIN via:

Rewarding Customers with Erth Points the customer owns
Sending Customers Special Offers via the Apps FREE of charge
Having ECOs send your special offers
Having other businesses sent their customers your special offers
Redeeming Erth Points earned from all businesses at Market Price


As a reward for becoming part of the Erth Point system you can reward yourself, your staff or your customers with luxury accommodation in Bali, Thailand or Africa in some of the finest resorts in twin share accommodation. Airfares not included.
Family Upgrades:
Additional guests may be taken to the resort, with an upgrade fee to 1 bedroom (sleeps 3) US $295, 2-bedroom (sleeps 4) US $330, 2-bedroom (sleeps 6) US $355. Upgrades payable upon booking of dates.


Customer App

FREE to Businesses that join


Using the Erth Point System part of Every Sale you make will go to your customer as a reward point, plus part goes to repair the environment and to your customers nominated ECO, something that is important to your customer. This can be the customers child’s sports team, their favorite environmental charity, or even their favorite community organisation such as their church or what I have selected above, DESTINY RESCUE which helps stop child slavery.
This will make you and your customer feel proud that your business is supporting what is important to your customer, the environment and the community.


Part of every sale you make goes to repair Environmental damage and to your customers nominated Environmental or Community Organisation (ECO – Club Church or Charity).