The International Elephant Project is supported by Rewards4Earth

International Elephant Project

The International Elephant Project (IEP) is a not-for-profit project for elephant conservation, rainforest protection and local community partnerships. In order to protect and save the entire ecosystem and biodiversity of habitats shared by elephants, The IEP was formed to conserve elephant’s entire ecosystem in a holistic manner which has a positive knock-on effect on many other species fighting for their lives.

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Seabin Project

Seabin’s goal is to provide practical and tangible solutions to reduce plastics in our oceans.  In July 2020, Seabin launched the Sydney City Pilot as part of their ambitious 100 Cities Smarter Cities for Cleaner Oceans programme.  It took 5 years of technical research and development, along with 3 years of global data and monitoring to reach the final step to create this high impact, scalable model, which can be rolled out globally. This performance-driven initiative is now well underway targeting 100 cities across the globe with a focus on data monitoring, litter reduction, prevention and clean up.

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